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Certificate of authenticity

The more expensive lots going from € 300,- and up are usually exclusively delivered with a certificate made by inspectors C. Muis, NVPH or H. Vleeming, NKD (Nederlandse Keuringsdienst), who are acknowledged by us.

Furthermore we advice you to never buy expensive stamps (certainly not above € 500,-) without an original certificate, signed certificate from the hands of the inspectors mentioned above. Inspectors who are not mentioned here, are, based on years of experience, not acknowledged by us.

Nowadays it is very simple to craft a (false) certificate, yet the value it appears to represent, is utterly disputable.

Of course nobody but you will decide where you buy your stamps, we only consider it to be our duty to warn you for these kind of an - unfortunately most of the times - expensive wase of money! We advice you to be extremely cautious when considering where to buy, because: Cheap = More expensive in the end.

The classical stamps of the period before 1940 are almost all so extremely rare, that you'll never find stamps of that time in a perfect condition against low prices.