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Philately, most commonly known in regard to the collecting of stamps. Philately is a Greek word consisting of two words meaning "to be attracted to" and "exempt from duties and taxes", the latter of course referring to postage stamps, in the old days exempting the sender from duties and taxes.

I was a hobby philatelist for decades before 1990 when I developed more and more into a stamp trader. My hobby as a stamp trader means that I regularly go to big auctions both in the country and abroad, trying to find rare and costly material.What will probably not surprise you is that by now I have a couple of hundred regular buyers all around the world.

On this website you'll find philately from all around the world, categorized by country. We specialized in 'The Netherlands' and the former Dutch colonies, which means that we have a lot of top material from the Dutch indies, Curaçau, New Guinea and Surinam.

Next to that we also offer Philately accessoiries, such as albums, catalogi and supplements and other items. Due to the high variety of brands and countries concerning the albums, we cannot always supply those from our stock, but mostly they can be arranged within 14 days.

Since we have such a high reputation in the area of philately, especially the more expensive and rare items are usually sold very quickly. This resulted in setting up a so-called 'want list' that buyers can use to inform us regarding there wishes. Once you place an item on the want list, you'll be contacted by us when we gain possession of it, before we will put it on the website.

In the month June and September you won't find a lot of additions to the website, ever since there are hardly any auctions in those months.