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Want list service


Want list service

Some years ago we set up a service for our customers dedicated to rare and expensive stamps that are seldom offered on the market. Many of our customers have taken advantage of this and submitted a list of wanted items resulting in the fact that these customers are given piority when such items become available.

Each item is first offered to the first person on the list, and should he or she decide not to buy, then the second person on the list will be approached.

It goes with saying that when a large number of top items are for sale they will not be offered to one person only, but will be distributed among a number of customers.

Submitting a want list does not commit the sender to buying anything, it does ensure that he/she will recieve regular offers (when longer lists are involved) of wanted items.

We also have a large number of wanted lists of less scarce material, these enable the customer to recieve, at regular intervals, certain number for a pre-determined amount.

It is also possible to order items and to pay in instalments. We then reserve the lot for you and as soon as the full amount has been recieved the items are dispatched. If the choise is made for this method of ordering, the customer recieved a purchasing order form in duplicate and will sign it and send one form back.

Finally we request those customers from whom we have recieved a want list to inform us of any numbers they may have bought from third parties, this avoids unnecessary communication.